White Lace, Red Tights

I’m really enjoying this semester so far even though I’m not taking any literature classes. While I do feel rather lit-deprived, the pedagogy course I’m taking has made teaching so much fun. It’s odd because the reading for the course often puts me to sleep it’s so dry, but the stuff I learn I then try out on my students and – lo and behold – it works! It’s so awesome!

In addition to the pedagogy course, I’m taking a required course in linguistics. I took a year of linguistics in college for my math GE requirements (I know, it’s weird that linguistics counted for math, but I was beyond thankful it did). I didn’t love it back then, but it was mildly interesting and it’s kind of a neat trick to be able to translate things into IPA. I can’t decide how I feel about the course I’m taking now for my graduate program. I see the usefulness in being able to understand the back-end, so to speak, of English, particularly when it comes to grammar, but my professor likes to go on tangents, as do some of my classmates, which means that often we spent half the class discussing things that have nothing to do with anything remotely associated with linguistics. It’s not that I mind tangents as a rule, but when it wastes half of a three hour class, I get irritated. Every wasted hour is time I could have spent eating dinner with my family, tucking my kids into bed, or watching Downton Abbey, dammit.

Aside from that particular life-shattering burden, school and work are engaging and fulfilling. I’m tutoring in the freshman writing lab this semester as well, and it’s nice being able to work one-on-one with students. And the discussions in my pedagogy course are so fun, mostly because my colleagues are amazing. It’s so great to be a part of a group of such motivated, engaged, hard-working, and yes, idealistic people. I know that in all probability we will all eventually end up grumpy, cynical, and bitter, but I really, really hope not.

Actually, if I ever end up like that, I hope I stop teaching and go do something else that I can be idealistic about.

This outfit was inspired by this Valentine’s Day-themed wedding shoot I stumbled upon while doing research for my parents’ upcoming 30th wedding anniversary party, specifically this photo. I loved the combination of the white lace dress with the red tights so much and her dress looked so similar to the one in my own closet, that I figured I could pull something similar together.

This dress is so soft and feminine, and I like how the red punches it up a bit and cuts down on some of that softness. I feel so different wearing this dress styled this way than, say, this way.

My hair is based off this Refinery 29 tutorial – I first did my hair like this for the holiday party my girlfriends and I throw annually. It’s super easy and even though my hair is still pretty short, I can still just manage to make it work. I like that it’s sort of messy; it feels very feminine, but in a un-fussy I-did-my-hair-in-under-a-minute type of way. Which I did!

I also really like the way it sets off this headband. It feels very Grecian.

Can you see my sunburn setting in? Stupid uber-pale skin. Nah, I like my blindingly pale porcelain skin, but its tendency to burn is kind of a pain. (Mind the puns!) Must remember to apply sunscreen to my shoulders now that the weather is nice enough not to require layering.

Dress: Anthropologie (also worn here)
Blazer: Madewell Academy Blazer (also worn here)
Tights: J.Crew
Shoes: Zara wedges
Bag: vintage (from ebay)
Accessories: Anthropologie headband (old), Forever 21 hairpins (old) and scissor necklace, Herkimer diamond earrings from Principessa on Abbot Kinney (Valentine’s gift from Yubo)
Nail Polish: essie watermelon
Lipstick: NARS Heat Wave

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